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brain freeze

I think I’ve got brain freeze.

Which is rather odd as it is mid Summer.

Temperatures are soaring outside.

Inside my house it’s cool.

Inside my brain it’s… well, what is it like?


Hard to describe.

Mushy pit?

Dust bowl?

Overactively firing away short circuited lightbulb?

Merry go round on full speed with half a dozen songs playing simultaneously?

Tundra of dried up neurons and withered synapses?

*blowing away cobwebs*

*kicking own ass*


NO. it’s just that so much goes on in my brain.

Sometimes all kind of things going on all at the same time.

Thoughts. Opinions. Worries. Dreams. Ideas buzzing and bouncing of the walls of my skull.

Hopes. Insecurities. Mad visions. Weird dreams. (Don’t rule out the weird dreams…)

Visions of self suffience. Visions of just being able to have a paid job again.

Music. Soundbites. Films. Books. Animals. Truckloads of animals. Animals had, loved, gone, but never forgotten. And today another one was added. Schoep, the Schoepster. Twenty years old shepherd.

Yes, you are reading this right. TWENTY years old. Who spent his last years with this amazing human, John Unger, who cradled him in a lake to relieve his arthritis. Who cared for him till that day finally came. Run Free Schoep. Say hello to all my bridge babies for me.




Bridge babies. 

Now we’re getting somewhere.


Thát’s where that merry go round inside my head is spinning about like crazy. Lost ones. A week from now, my beloved daddy, 27th of July it will be 3 years ago. My old shepherd mix Gaia, last October. Fae, my little fairy, who joined my dad November 3 years ago. Further back. Five members of my family in just one fateful year (2005): my cousin Tom, my auntie Mia, uncle Wout, uncle Jan and then just when we thought we’d seen enough deaths in the family, my auntie Annie, who was as close as a mother to me. My cousin Kelley, taken away far too young in an accident at just 33. My uncle Piet. My friend Hannie who just couldn’t take the merry go round inside hér head anymore. Nosey, our Scooby kittehkat. Midas. My beautiful canine soulmate. Kaa, my black crow. Okkie. My first own dog who stayed with me up to the age of 17. All those Scooby dogs. Triston, Osho, Patas, Orejas. Even further back, my mum, way back in 1995. And so many more…


Most days I’m doing fine and the lack of their physical presense is not as poignant as right now. That’s because I believe that one day we’ll meet again. Not on some cloudy meadow around a supreme being, but in the athmosphere around us. In the vibes that are in the air. In the wind, the dust, the grains of sands. In spirit. I really do believe that, even though some people’d say I’m bonkers. I think it is a wonderful idea. Whether you call it a Rainbow Bridge or eternal hunting grounds, it’s a reassuring feeling, trusting in having all those that are gone really still around you in some shape of form, with their energies. Call me a nutter but as I am typing this the sun just broke through the clouds again. Boy oh boy, that’s going to be one massive cuddlefest when I get there!


Until then I am going to follow up my own advice. ‘If all else fails, HUG THE DOG’.

Galgos, hairy scaries, cuddles coming your way!


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A soundbite from a religious woman from the bible belt in Zeeland, the Netherlands. ‘I didn’t mind having polio as a child because it brought me closer to god‘.


Now I’ll be the last person to dispute having an illness like cancer, polio, aids can be life changing. Even though nowadays chances for survival are better than ever before, going through an illness that’s that profound does alter your mindset and leaves you a different human being than before.

The part I don’t get is why people that are religious to the extent that they embrace every opportunity to get ‘closer to god’ make their young children go through the same. Right now as we speak there is an outbreak of the measles in my country, and the bulk of the cases is rigth there in what we call the ‘bible belt’, very devout reformatory protestants in the regions of Zeeland and Utrecht and a part of Gelderland. The thing that bugs me is, if you believe that an entity created everything, then why didn’t that same entity also create vaccines?! Because these people refuse to have their babies vaccinated and because of that every couple of years there is a massive outbreak of the pocks, the measles or any other disease that hardly bothers people in other part of the country. I can imagine a grown up taking spiritual lessons from hardship and disease, but what about their babies, their toddlers, their young children? Why subject a child to that kind of suffering – especially when it is not necessary?


I guess every time I hear about another outbreak an event dating years back comes to my mind and that’s why I get rattled and angry every time. There was this young girl, 19 years old, a collegue at the place I used to work and also a friend. She came from a family of Jehova’s witnesses (they also refuse to inoculate their children) and one day she didn’t show up for work. We found out that she had contracted meningitis, and her religious parents had taken her out of the hospital and refused to have her treated. She was too weak to even protest. She died. We weren’t even welcome at her funeral and to this day I haven’t managed to locate where they buried her. She suffered and died. She shouldn’t have.

Refusing to inoculate your child, exposing a young impressionable soul to life altering diseases and possibly death, all in the name of religion… I cannot stomach that.

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Remember LENNOX

Save Lennox Hate Campaign Exposed

July 11, 2013

One year ago today, 11 July 2012, Lennox’s family discovered that he had been put to death by order of Belfast City Council.

They will never know if the outcome might have been different without the manipulated and grossly flawed testimonies of Sandie Lightfoot and Peter Tallack, coupled with the actions and words of a few equally malignant, lying, callous fools.

Belfast City Council, without an ounce of common decency, did not tell the family Lennox had been killed. That task was left to Victoria Stilwell who had arrived in Belfast with the sole intention of asking BCC to consider releasing Lennox to her. Prior to that, Sarah Fisher had made a request to the Council asking if she could be with Lennox on the day of his death, and return his body to the family.

Belfast City Council ignored or refused all

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LENNOX -v- the Haters

one year ago Lennox the dog seized under BSL was put to sleep… the council and the courts didn’t even have the decency to notify his owners. a lot in that case stank to the heavens. still trying to figure out who was behind all that and WHY the hatred shown to the family who was only fighting to get their beloved dog home was that personal, vile and venomous :\

Save Lennox Hate Campaign Exposed

On the eve of the one year anniversary of Lennox’s death at the hands of Belfast City Council, a death that came about almost entirely due to the contrived and flaky testimonies given by Sandie Lightfoot and Peter Tallack, this post acts as a very brief reminder of those vindictive and malicious people associated with the vendetta against Lennox and his family.

In spite of all their fake prattling, we all know the HC cared very little about Lennox’s welfare, otherwise they would not have spent so much of their time creating stories and spreading lies dressed as ‘facts’ in order to discredit him.

Stories such as, Lennox was :

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all the creepy people…


… make the horror of the world.

Remember Afghan’s Bamyia Valley? A site that was considered World Heritage by Unesco. Giant buddha’s who had been there for ages, overlooking the valley below. Until the Talibananas came along, decided it was not islamic and those idols of old needed to go. Before long, the gigantic ancient buddhas were blown to smithereens. I watched the footage on the news and felt utterly gutted, because there was something very dark, sinister and foreboding about this display of ignorance and violence.

Now take another look at the picture above. We all know that one. The pyramids of Gizeh, the architecture and intricate maze of passageways that keeps amazing scientists all over the world. The Sphinx, damaged through ancient turmoil, still inspiring and appealing to millions of tourists who flock to Egypt all year round to enjoy those ancient wonders. But not for long, if it is up to some radical islamists. Pagan deities, idols, false worship. Need to go. No place for them in an islamic state. Even typing this makes the hairs on my arms stand upright and sends shivers down my spine.

We all know that tolerance cannot be found under the T in an islamist’s dictionary. But to even think of willfully destroying some of the worlds heritage surpassing the buddhas from Bamyian Valley, wiping out the ancient Valley of the Kings, that is a big one even in their book.

What is it that makes some religious organisations so hellbent on destroying anything that does not fit with their world view? It’s not like this is a new phenomenon, mind you. It’s hardly an islamic invention either. The history of monotheism is fraught with violence. Be it the human sacrifices asked from Abraham, the unforgiving nature of the deity in the old testament, even the very basics of christianity, which are all about torture and a violent death, after all. Even though parts of the message aim to inspire acts of kindness, history has shown us that usually it’s violence inspired by religious zealotry that has shaped the history of christianity in Europe.

Back in 1566 the protestants in the Low Countries ransacked catholic churches, destroying a wealth of art, smashing sculptures, stained glass windows, tearing down ancient tapestries and slashing paintings, in a frenzy called the ‘Beeldenstorm‘. During the ‘Bloedbruiloft’ (Blood Wedding, also known as Bartholomeusnight) in Paris, France, a massive slaughter was performed by the catholics, randomly executing French protestants in the night of August 23 to August 24 in 1572, with the pope himself rejoicing of reports that the water of the river Seine was coloured red from the blood of slain protestants. Some 20.000 Huguenots went to meet their maker rather untimely by the hands of people saying they believed in that very same maker. On many other instances people believing in the same god have gone overboard, abandoning any last bit of morals and human dignity and acted like total savages – all in the name of god.

More than anything religion has been a powerful tool for the high and mighty, and although most religious wars used religious convictions as a pretext (and to gather the masses), there were always underlying motives that had nothing to do with religion and everything with power and wealth and consolidating those two assets. In that respect, even the conflict in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is no different.

In Europe, the age of Enlightment and the Age of Industrial Revolution brought ‘Entzauberung’, not only did the magic leave the forests and wilde plains, but as history moved on, a process of individualization took place, and religion gradually became an individual’s choice. Two very important factors in this were democratic progress, aided by a rise in literacy among the poor masses.  In countries like Egypt, Pakistan and Jemen the poor masses are still largely illiterate, their only source of information on religious matters is their local mullah. Look at any news footage and see how easy they get riled about an issue, take on the streets, burn effigies of people they don’t even know because their ‘spriritual leaders’ tell them it’s the bad guy, and 9 year olds proclaim they will torch the infidels themselves if the adults cannot do it.

Hungry, angry, frustrated and uneducated masses, with a royal dose of religious zealotry, is the horror our world is facing today. No amount of stealth bommers and drones can take that threat away from us. What we and those masses need, is education, access to clean water and food, a good roof over their heads and most of all teaching compassion, teaching thinking of all of us interconnected instead of thinking only in ‘us and them’. But whether the powers that be in the rich, complacent West will realise this and take up that challenge, remains to be seen.

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simple logic

simple logic

oh well that’s also one way to look at it 😀

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