another uneducated scaremongerer jumping the bsl bandwagon

Sad to see another uneducated scaremongerer jumping the bsl bandwagon. First of all there is no such thing as a dangerous dog, just ignorant at best or plain thick and/or evil people at worst.  Saying some breeds are ‘vicious’ is just as daft, specieist and ridiculous as saying red haired women can’t be trusted or black people are prone to be criminals. Secondly. Please educate yourself on dog psychology before making ridiculous statements. and just watch the statistics. The Dangerous Dog Act has been in place for over 2 decades in the UK and dog bite incidents have not gone down, in some areas they have gone UP.

Third – again a very familiar pattern emerges. As you mention yourself, it was his cousin’s bull mastiff. Where was the owner??? How was this dog introduced to the child? Did this dog listen to anyone else but the owner? How many warning signs were ignored? Did the child ever learn how to read a dog’s warning signs properly? Respect the dog’s space? How to behave around a dog? My guess is the answer to all above questions is no. And then you go and blame the dogs?

I’m not even addressing your remark re guns kill people as I have yet to see the first gun firing itself and making a well aimed shot independently unless we are talking drones. I am anti gun ownership by the way, I just think comparing a living being that can be educated to a piece of metal is beyond daft. I am a dog guardian and have been around dogs of all sizes and dispositions for the past 20 years and I can guarantee you there is no such thing as a ‘vicious breed’. As usual in bsl circles you are attacking the wrong end of the leash. The only way to reduce dog bites significantly is to uphold responsible dog guardianship. And take away dogs from their irresponsible ‘owners’ same as children are taken away from their irresponsible parents when necessary. And while we’re at it, stop breeding and THINK before you take a dog into your family. Are you made of the right stuff to be a responsible guardian? Some people just shouldn’t have dogs or kids for that matter 🙂 juss saying

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